What we do…

Our services include complete painting workmanship in acrylics & enamels of oil based, water based & non toxic mediums. Newly built and previously painted surfaces. Plastering, minor gyprocking & rendering as part of pre painting, treatment of smoke & water damage, special coatings, timber oiling/varnishing, wall papering removal, bathroom resealing, texture coatings.



Immaculate finishing of furnished and non furnished homes. Faultless craftsmanship covering all things interior/exterior.
Quick repaints & tidy ups – Bonus 20% discount on all vacant property (see promotions page)
Painting of shops, warehouses and factories large and small. Office interiors and corporate spaces. We spray paint office ceilings.
Tendering invitations welcome please supply BOQ or drawings and a site walk through. We are not the cheapest in this aspect of painting but we do have the experience and wisdom to avoid common pitfalls which is a headache for all in the long run. With Express Painting you get co operation, the smoothest possible experience and a quality finish!


Vermiculate and False (office) ceilings. Roof tiles. Also a better option for certain ornate surfaces, including decorative ceilings etc.
Large holes – Securing new sheets to old using braces and moulds. Re-fixing warped sheets to construction frames/beams. Plastering joints, making new.
Including complete re-plastering of old damaged walls/ceilings from top to bottom/side to side with 2 step plastering (white setting). Sanding smooth and making new.
Erecting our own mobile aluminium scaffold to access hard to reach areas. Also licenced to operate rental boom lifts/scissor lifts and all other EWPs (elevated work platforms)
Freeing stuck windows using grinder/chisel & hammer. Repairing cosmetic damage and repainting.
Making doors functional prior to painting.
Cleaning excessive mould and dirt with bleach pump pack and gurney. Including roof tiles etc.
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